Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Wednesday Comicro featuring the return of Indiestarter!

Earlier this spring, over at Zombie Cat Bacon, I featured a few Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns I thought had merit, were local or just needed a little more publicity. I'm going to go back to that today with two projects, one on each platform. They really are at both ends of the spectrum of creator experience and awareness.

First on Kickstarter, there's Chuck Dixon's Sword of Wood

If you don't know Chuck Dixon, here's a few of the titles he's written over the past 30 years (he's been involved in over 400 titles):
 The 'Nam 
 Action Comics 
 Alien Legion 
 Birds of Prey 
 Captain America 
 Detective Comics 
 El Cazador 
 The Flash 
 G.I. Joe 
 Green Arrow 
 Green Lantern 
 Iron Man 
 The Punisher 
 The Savage Sword Of Conan 
 Simpsons Comics 
 Star Wars 
 Team 7 

Scooby-Doo? Anyway, so here's what I find surprising. With only 10 days to go, the campaign is less than 25% of the way towards it's goal of $20,000. I know Chuck can be a little divisive in his political views, but that's not something we bother with here at The Comicro or anywhere in the ZCB Universe. Is Sword of Wood worth supporting? That depends on your opinion of his past work, the previews you see on KS and possibly your alignment with his politics. I say at least give it a look.

On the other end of the funny book career arc, we have James Hargrave. While new to the comics game, he's, well, I'll let his bio explain:
James Bevard Hargrave is an iconoclast, a punk, a provocateur, a writer, an illustrator, and, ultimately, an avowed multi-hyphenate and Jack of All Trades. His work as a writer and lyricist has appeared in feature films, national television shows, plays, and acclaimed independent records. He was recently the prose editor for LIT Magazine at The New School University, and plans to release his first graphic novel, ELEGANT BATTLE FACE TEENAGERS, independently in 2015.
Elegant Battle Face Teenagers. It was the title that got my attention. EBFT is nearly at 60% of it's goal on IndieGogo - check it out here.

Finally today, we have this story of the World's Largest Comic Book Collection. I think back to this time three years ago, and I was 1/6th of the way towards this guy's total. 1/6th! Of the World's Largest! And I have a few friends who are approaching that number (hey, Matman!). Bob Bretall has a great attitude about the whole thing, not worrying about the "value" so much. The dude just loves comics. Me too.

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